Agion Oros – Άγιον Όρος

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Megisti Lavra: Founded in the 10th century, it is one of the oldest and most prominent monasteries on Athos.
Vatopedi: Known for its extensive library and significant collection of Byzantine manuscripts.
Iviron: Famous for its ancient icons and relics, including a purported piece of the True Cross
Hilandar: A Serbian monastery with a rich history and cultural heritage.
Dionysiou: Known for its impressive frescoes and icons.
Koutloumousiou: Has a distinct architectural style and houses a valuable collection of manuscripts.
Pantokratoros: Known for its beautiful garden and vibrant frescoes.
Xenophontos: Named after the philosopher Xenophon, it’s known for its serene atmosphere.
Zografou: Known for its distinctive frescoes and for being a Bulgarian monastery.
Dochiariou: Contains an important collection of relics and icons.
Karakallou: Known for its remarkable icons and the unique “Karakallou Epitaphios.
Philotheou: Dedicated to the Ascension of Jesus Christ.
Simonopetra: Known for its breathtaking clifftop location and skilled choir.
St. Paul’s: Founded in honor of the Apostle Paul.
Stavronikita: Has a distinctive cross-shaped church.
Xeropotamou: Known for its beautiful frescoes and well-maintained buildings.
Grigoriou: Known for its library and collection of manuscripts.
Esphigmenou: Known for its strict and traditional practices.
St. Panteleimon’s: Dedicated to Saint Panteleimon, the patron saint of physicians.
Konstamonitou: Named after its founder, Konstantinos and his mother, Moni.


People are drawn to visit Agion Oros (Mount Athos) for a variety of reasons, each influenced by the region’s unique combination of spiritual, cultural, historical, and natural elements. Here are some reasons why people might consider visiting Agion Oros:

  1. Spiritual Pilgrimage: For many Orthodox Christians, Mount Athos is a place of profound spiritual significance. It’s considered a center of Eastern Orthodox monasticism and a place of deep contemplation and prayer. Pilgrims visit to seek spiritual growth, connect with their faith, and experience the monastic way of life.

  2. Cultural and Historical Heritage: Mount Athos has a rich history dating back over a thousand years. The monasteries house a vast collection of religious artifacts, manuscripts, icons, and art pieces that provide insight into the region’s cultural and historical heritage, especially during the Byzantine era.



Connect with Your Heritage and Make a Meaningful Impact.

Are you a Hellene living abroad, eager to stay connected with your roots and contribute to a legacy that spans generations? Agion Oros, the sacred Mount Athos, beckons you to be a part of its enduring journey. Here’s your chance to play a vital role in preserving the spiritual sanctuary that resonates with the essence of Greece.

Embrace Your Heritage: Agion Oros stands as a beacon of Greek spirituality and culture, holding a place of honor in the hearts of millions. By supporting Agion Oros, you reconnect with the cultural tapestry that defines your identity and history.

Meaningful Opportunities:

  1. Donate to Preserve: Your contributions can ensure the preservation of Agion Oros’ monastic treasures, historical sites, and cultural heritage.