Agion Oros – Άγιον Όρος

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Megisti Lavra, also known as the Great Lavra, is indeed one of the oldest and most prominent monasteries on Mount Athos. Mount Athos is a mountain and peninsula in northern Greece that is known for its long history as a center of Orthodox Christian monasticism.

Here are some key details about Megisti Lavra:

  1. Foundation: Megisti Lavra was founded in the 10th century, traditionally attributed to the monk Athanasios of Athos in the year 963. It is considered one of the Athonite monastic community’s founding monasteries.
  2. Location: The monastery is situated on the western side of the Athos peninsula, near the coast of the Aegean Sea. Its location provides breathtaking views of the surrounding area.
  3. Architecture: Megisti Lavra is known for its impressive architectural and artistic features. The main church, also known as the katholikon, is dedicated to the Transfiguration of Christ and is adorned with beautiful frescoes and religious artwork.
  4. History: Over the centuries, Megisti Lavra has played a significant role in the history of Mount Athos and Orthodox Christianity. It has survived fires and other challenges and has remained a center of spiritual life and scholarship.
  5. Importance: The monastery has historically been a hub for the production of manuscripts, religious texts, and icons. It has also been a place of pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians from around the world.
  6. Monastic Community: Like other monasteries on Mount Athos, Megisti Lavra is home to a community of monks who lead a life of prayer, contemplation, and manual labor. The monastery has its own unique traditions and practices.
  7. Access: Access to Mount Athos is restricted to males, and even they require special permits to visit the monastic communities. Women are generally not permitted to enter the peninsula.


Overall, Megisti Lavra is a significant and venerable institution in the world of Eastern Orthodox monasticism, known for its rich history, cultural heritage, and spiritual significance.