Agion Oros – Άγιον Όρος

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Welcome to Agion Oros (Mount Athos), a place of spiritual enrichment and cultural heritage. Our Pilgrim Services are designed to ensure that your pilgrimage to this sacred land is a transformative and meaningful experience. Below, you’ll find information about the services we offer to pilgrims who wish to explore the monastic life, history, and spirituality of Agion Oros.

Guided Tours

Discover the beauty and significance of Agion Oros through our guided tours. Led by knowledgeable guides who are deeply familiar with the monasteries, landmarks, and cultural treasures, our tours provide you with insights into the history, architecture, and spiritual practices of this unique region.


Experience monastic life firsthand by staying in accommodations provided by the monasteries. Immerse yourself in the serene environment, enjoy daily liturgical services, and connect with the spiritual atmosphere that has drawn pilgrims for centuries.

Liturgical Participation

Pilgrims are invited to attend the daily liturgical services held in the monasteries. Participate in the rich traditions of Orthodox worship, including morning prayers, Vespers, Matins, and Divine Liturgy. Please check the schedule for services at each monastery.

Icon Workshops

Engage in creative and spiritual expression through our icon workshops. Led by skilled iconographers, these workshops provide you with the opportunity to learn about the sacred art of iconography and even create your own icon to take home as a meaningful souvenir.

Spiritual Guidance

Meet with spiritual elders and monks who are available to offer guidance, advice, and spiritual conversations. Whether you seek counsel on personal matters or wish to deepen your understanding of Orthodox spirituality, their wisdom and insights can provide valuable support.

Booking Your Pilgrimage

Booking your pilgrimage to Agion Oros is a simple process. Contact our Pilgrim Services team to inquire about availability, tour options, accommodations, and any special requests you may have. We are here to assist you in planning a memorable and spiritually enriching journey.

Contact Information:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +61 430 337 444
  • Visit our Contact Us page

Important Information:

  • Pilgrim spaces are limited and subject to availability. Early booking is recommended.
  • Please respect the rules and guidelines of Agion Oros during your pilgrimage, as this is a sacred and spiritually sensitive area.
  • Prepare for your journey by familiarizing yourself with the customs and practices of monastic life on Agion Oros.

We look forward to being a part of your pilgrimage to Agion Oros and helping you create lasting memories and deep spiritual connections.